Aug 17, 2018

DLB awards cheque to 'Sanwardana Wasana' super winner

The Development Lotteries Board (DLB) recently awarded the cheque to the super winner of the 'Sanwardana Wasana' lottery, who won the jackpot of over Rs. 30 million.
The cheque was awarded to Mr. R.P.T.L.Kumarasiri, who won the super jackpot of Rs. 3,24,75,660 of 166th draw of Sanwardana Wasana, by Mr. S.A.P.Suriyapperuma, Chairman of DLB and with the participation of Mr. H.R.Wimalasiri, Working Director.
Mr. M.P.S. Himakanthi, sales agent of Hatharaliyadde, who sold the winning ticket, was also awarded a prize.

Cheques were also awarded to Mr. K.W.S.Dasanayaka from Warakapola, who won the super Jackpot of Rs. 70,98,684 of 2331st draw of Lagna Wasana and to Mr.H.T.R.Thilakaratna, Sales Agent, Warakapola.

Another 23 winners who won one million each, were also awarded their cheques.

The DLB invites the public to try their luck buying more tickets from DLB, which is dedicated to bring new hopes every day.