Sep 26, 2018

XIMIVOGUE expands to KCC (Pics)

XIMIVOGUE, a fast fashion merchandise brand which was launched in Sri Lanka for the first time in July 2018, opened its third outlet in the Kandy City Center recently.

The brand provides a vast array of products such as household items, health and beauty, seasonal products, plush dolls and toys, digital accessories, exquisite products and bags and stationery.

Ximivogue is originally a Korean based designer brand which was established in 2015, headquartered at the Guangzhou International Finance Center in Guangdong, China. Ever since the brand was launched globally, XIMIVOGUE has swiftly managed to gain immense popularity and has expanded extensively around the globe, in to the fast fashion markets spanning Australia, Israel, Singapore, Russia, Iran, Malaysia, Dubai, Nepal, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and so on. With the warm welcome and popularity received within a short span of time since its launch in Sri Lanka with the flagship store in Maharagama, XIMIVOGUE Sri Lanka has decided to expand to more outlets, starting with Marino Mall, the recently opened exclusive shopping centre in the heart of Colombo and Kandy City Center.

The brand is gaining immense customer feedback so far, and accelerating popularity among the fast fashion merchandise industry in Sri Lanka, due to the constantly changing trendy collection that addresses every market group in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, Ximivogue products are Korean designs and since Sri Lankan market is already acquaint with the Korean culture through Korean Dramas and KPop, XIMIVOGUE provides a platform for Sri Lankans to experience another aspect of their beloved Korean culture.

Apart from the latest global trends that XIMIVOGUE has to offer, the brand focuses on releasing around 800 new items each month globally and the Sri Lankan outlet will also be able to relish some of these amazing products as a result. This lets every customer to have a fresh up-to-date fashion experience, each time they visit the outlets.

Speaking on the event, XIMIVOGUE Sri Lanka Managing Director, M.N.M Nazmi stated “Launching Ximivogue is an attempt of ours to bring the global trends of guaranteed quality to the hands of Sri Lankans. Ximivogue is an international brand with 1400 outlets across more than 64 countries and regions. And a special attribute that XIMIVOGUE products entail is the product quality, but contrary to what the potential customers might think, the products are reasonably priced and highly affordable. ”

He added, “It is with great pleasure we expand the Ximivogue brand, to the Kandy City Center and we are confident that with the convenience and comfort provided by the location, more crowds can easily access and heighten their shopping experience at Ximivogue. And we hope to expand the brand across the island in the future”

With the expansion of the outlets in Marino Mall Colombo and Kandy City Center, Ximivogue will accentuate its availability to everyone around Colombo and Kandy to make everyday life easy with their innovative and trendy products for everyone who chooses fashionable, innovative, economic and smart choices in shopping. XIMIVOGUE covers a wide variety of products from gift items to products for everyday life.