Oct 01, 2018

TIQRI celebrates 10 years

TIQRI Corporation,a global technology company with focus on innovation in technology, is celebrating its 10th anniversary of commencing operations in Sri Lanka.

TIQRI provides resources and complete solutions for Independent Software Vendors, Governments, Start-ups and Global Corporations across the globe. With its HQ in Singapore and offices in Norway, Sweden, Sri Lanka, and Australia, TIQRI offers clients global reach with local presence, and new business opportunities through technology leadership and dedicated domain focus.They have been pioneers in using agile software development methods in a global context.

TIQRI started off 10 years ago with a team of 20 individuals and soon acquired their first client – a leading Norwegian travel company – a relationship that continues even today. From TIQRI’s inception, the company has focused on being an organization with a unique culture that fosters a flat organization model, effective decision-making on all levels, work-life balance for all employees, and a fun-loving learning-based culture. TIQRI employees are encouraged to explore their own career potential, work with latest technologies and come up with new, innovative solutions to solve some of the toughest business challenges faced by clients today, while also being given the freedom to share their expertise with a global audience. Today, TIQRI’s team has expanded to 200 brilliant professionals, and with a vision to continue their growth.In early September 2018, TIQRI welcomed their new CEO, Shamira Dias, to the company. Shamira was involved in the company from 2008 to 2015 and has returned to run the operations and set the strategies for the growth of the company, as well as leading TIQRI in to new deliveries and customer projects.

Over the past few years, TIQRI has built a strong reputation as a significant influencer in the local IT industry. The company has always been ready to embrace new technology and has been instrumental in kicking off notable annual events such as the “DEV DAY”Developer Conference and the popular“Kids Can Code”program for 8-14-year olds, together with ICT Norway. DEV DAY is a software developer conference established to inspire developers in South Asia. Ithosts leading international and local industry experts who share their knowledge, experience, and insights. Kids Can Code helps unleash children’s potential computer skills by teaching them to code-for-fun, as a basic understanding of software engineering provides a set of fundamental skills that is vital to the child's future, as well as the future of the global economy.

Looking back at the company's journey, Finn Worm-Petersen –Chairman and Founder of TIQRI stated, “We started off our operations in a small manner in my living room in Colombo and soon got our very first client through a meeting at a conference. We were able to come up with innovative ideas and attract big clients quickly while staying true to our values such as developing a very close relationship with our clients as their go-to technical partner, having people working together seamlessly in global teams and maintaining a work-life balance within our team. Today, we are about to cross the 200-strength boundary, with a slightly different operation in a fast-changing global landscape andI am proud to state that we stayed loyal to our values, and in fact, enhanced them to offer more to our valued clientele.”

In Software Engineering, TIQRI’s extended team-model is a proven service model designed to accelerate clients’ product development with distributed teams working collaboratively with their onsite developer teams. When their clients want to build a product, TIQRI supports them with technical innovation, design, development, testing and deployment, with focus on releasing the “minimal viable product”to the market fast, and helping to capture customer feedback. TIQRI teams are geared to help clients come up with innovative solutions for their business by tapping into the latest technologies and concepts, such as mixed reality (MR), BOT, IOT, Machine Learning and AI. TIQRI’s specialized QAs, DevOps framework and skills, help to assure quality of the end-product in the most efficient manner. By utilising the latest industry trends and best practices, TIQRI designs products to have the best user experience and interfaces.The company’s mission is to be relevant to the industry, their clients, their employees and the society. All is built and managed by the company’s philosophy to look beyond the traditional project life cycle, and view every customer engagement as a unique, continuous value stream delivery.