Oct 02, 2018

Elephant House treats kids to a memorable Children’s Day

Elephant House recently commemorated Children's Day 2018 by treating 50 lucky kids to a fun-filled visit to its ice cream factory in Avisawella, which is the most modern ice cream manufacturing facility in South Asia.

The culmination of "Ice Cream Factory Visit with Prof. Yahaguna", Elephant House Ice Cream's highly popular Children's Day 2018 competition, wherein thousands of kids participated by giving missed calls to enter a lucky draw. 50 lucky kids were ultimately chosen, along with their parents, to go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that included being transported in the very special and highly colorful Elephant House Ice Cream bus.

Also exciting for the kids, they were welcomed to the factory by the famous Prof. Yahaguna, the Elephant House Ice Cream mascot whose claim to fame is being prominently featured in the brand's nation-wide campaigns. He told them all about Elephant House's proud 150-year history and the brilliant and tasty products that formed part of the Ice Cream range, including well-loved WonderCones and WonderBars, quick-bite Cups available in an array of different flavors, sweet treats MajorMax and Necto Ice Lolly, and latest additions WonderBerry and ChocShock. These ice cream flavors are very special as they are made using only the finest raw materials and highest quality ingredients, sourced from all over the world, ensuring they are Sri Lanka’s favourite ice creams.

Without a doubt, the kids had the most fun when they were allowed unlimited access to ice cream flavors, and they were particularly impressed by the wide range on offer. They also loved the factory's dedicated children's play area, which featured a rodeo bull, a trampoline, a bouncy castle and much, much more. And best of all they each left with memorabilia and mementos of this one-of-a-kind trip, so they would forever remember Elephant House's most delicious ice cream factory and Children's Day 2018.