Oct 22, 2018

HUTCH 555 to keep users "Infotained”

Hutch, Sri Lanka’s fast growing mobile operator, launched its 555 Infotainment portal for its subscriber base. The 555 portal will feature unique high quality information and entertainment content to the public delivered over voice.

Services include Astrology and Fengshui from top readers around the country, Motivation services that would improve outlook in life, a variety of Mobile based dramas to listen on the go with new episodes released every day and jokes to keep everyone laughing and happy.

The portal also features an array of educational services. These include Quiz contests which cover subjects such as General Knowledge, Sports etc where participants could contest with other participants to earn points and win prizes. One of the prime educational services is the British Council BC English program which provides world renowned quality English lessons through this simple to use portal.

All the services in this portal are available from a starting daily fee of just Rs.2 per day and customers can choose to activate any of the services by simply by dialing 555.

The 555 portal is an important complement to the company’s digital information platforms and has been designed for quick and easy access to anyone who is more comfortable to receive such information over a voice channel. Importantly, as nearly 60% of the country’s population are not yet on smartphones, this will be a prime channel of quality information, education and entertainment for the masses.

HUTCH is renowned as a service provider who is constantly on the lookout for avenues to enrich the lives of the people with engaging technological advancements, knowledge and entertainment that are truly relevant. The HUTCH 555 service has received very encouraging uptake in a short span of time and will be expanded with further exciting content to meet the interests and demands of the larger population.