Oct 23, 2018

DocOnCall now LIVE in Sri Lanka

DocOnCall has launched a free-of-charge trial for DocOnCall, a revolutionary new mobile app that offers subscribers immediate access to doctor consultations online, via video, audio and chat, to serve them in meeting their primary medical care needs.

Effortlessly connecting its users to qualified and experienced medical professionals, DocOnCall also delivers prescriptions, lab referrals and/or medical certificates to one's smart device or registered email. Further, it allows customers to pay online, which is the easiest way possible.

All of which is done within the app itself, for a quick and simple solution to one's primary medical care needs. Additionally, DocOnCall includes the delivery of pharmacy services, making healthcare even more convenient; so, users can have their medications delivered direct to their doorstep.

DocOnCall undoubtedly fills a large existing gap within the country's medical services industry, aiding all Sri Lankans in having unfettered access to primary healthcare no matter their geographic location. The main advantage of DocOnCall is that it takes only three simple steps (Choose, Pay and Consult) to access a doctor, so subscribers can quickly benefit from professional medical advice. This is truly the best way to get a prescription for one's primary medical care needs, and at a cost-effective rate with the registration of Ministry of Health and fully functioning customer care service for app operation hours (6.00 am to 11.00 pm). DocOnCall is available as a free download via Apple Store and Google Play. Subscribers can access this innovative service free-of-charge during a brief trial period. Visit www.doconcall.lk for more information.

"The revolutionary DocOnCall is a perfect blend of technology and expertise, empowering Sri Lankans with access to immediate online healthcare, which is both easy to use and affordable”, a spokesperson for the company said.