Nov 05, 2018

People's Leasing introduces ‘Senehasa Yaalu’

In a bid to stimulate saving habit among Sri Lankan children, People’s Leasing introduces ‘Senehasa Yaalu’ - a gift scheme in addition to Senehasa children’s account.

PLC’s ‘Senehasen Ithurum’ CSR program is coupled with the ‘Senehasa’ minor savings account with an annual interest of eight percent that being the highest annual interest paid for a children’s account in the country.

Under the ‘Senehasa Yaalu’ gift scheme, parents of the children (account holders) up to the age of 13 can deposit sums of money on a regular basis for the benefit of their children. According to the amounts deposited in ‘Senehasa Yaalu’ the minor account holders (children) will be entitled for attractive gifts.

For the amounts of rupees 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10,000, 15,000 and 25,000 they are entitled to receive a Till, A magic Till, children’s lunch box, children’s umbrella, computer mouse, 32 GB memory card and a Swiss gear backpack.

Mr. Saman Liyanage, Chief Manager, Deposits and Savings Division, PLC commenting on the ‘Senehasa Yaalu’ gift scheme said, it is a subject of national importance to stimulate saving habits among children.

“PLC has introduced ‘Senehasa Yaalu’ gift scheme for children and now they can derive attractive gifts from time to time under this program on the sums deposited by their parents on a regular basis. This was launched to coincide with the World Children’s day. Children are already attracted to it. Parents of children up to the age of 13 are now eager to open ‘Senehasa Yaalu’ accounts for their children”, he said.