Nov 09, 2018

‘Retro Glam’ Christmas heralded at ODEL

Happy days are here again - it’s glitter, it’s glamour, it’s sequins and tassels, it’s bright neon lights with mirror balls and bling; ODEL brings it all out this Festive season in a Retro inspired fashion extravaganza that lets you indulge in everything that’s over the top!

“For our customers, ODEL is where the festive season begins each year, and we go to extraordinary lengths to create the magic they look forward to,” said Ms. Desiree Karunaratne, Group Director Marketing of Softlogic Holdings PLC, under which umbrella ODEL PLC operates, and this is indeed evident in stepping into ODEL this festive season.

As ephemeral as trends are, they have a way of coming back; fashion’s cyclical nature makes their return inevitable and ODEL has done its best to ensure that shoppers at ODEL this festive season have more than an eyeful of Retro inspired, vintage glamour that is classic, lavish, luxurious, and quite simply breathtaking! ODEL’s Retro Glam festive collection is infused with style cues from the 60’s, 70’s and 80s, to craft looks that are both modern and retro.

Drawing inspiration from international catwalk giants such as Marni, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Hasan Hejazi and Moschino, ODEL’s Retro Glam collection is all about glitz, glamour and celebration this Christmas season, taking you back to an era of opulence which takes you back in time on how celebrations used to be. A time of mirror balls, tinsel curtains, strobe lights and bright neon colours; a time when over the top sequined dresses, feather boas, power shoulders, and metallic suits reigned! It’s all about celebration and togetherness during that ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

The predominant colours used in ODEL’s Retro Glam collection include violet in all its glorious hues, a myriad shades of pink, seductive midnight hues, while the traditional festive colours of gold and silver have not been forgotten. Retro fabrics used are those of shimmering pleats, metallic foils, glittering sequins, velvet and silks, all in line with the spirit, look and feel of the festive season.

The most glamorous of outfits will not be complete without that very special necklace, ring or pair of earrings to enhance it and ODEL’s Retro jewelry collection from BACKSTAGE is something you will most definitely want to deck yourselves with, complete with sequins, metallic beads, and other ornamental embellishments!

The Men’s and Children’s departments also feature an extensive collection of the Retro Glam theme to ensure that the entire family is catered for this festive season, with something for everyone in the Retro Glam line, combining Retro fashion with a modern sharp twist in prints and shimmer and velvets. A return to classic glamour, however with a put-together polish that is synonymous of today’s sleek trends.

As for the store itself, Retro Glam pervades the shopping spaces, which are bedecked with mirrors balls, chandeliers, tinsel decor, neon lights and reflective glitter giving shoppers an exciting experience to herald in the festive cheer.

As in previous years, visitors to ODEL will also have all the traditional requirements they have come to expect, from gift vouchers and exclusive Christmas hampers, to a host of gastronomic seasonal specialties at ‘Delight’ and a Home Department overflowing with decorative items so necessary to bring that added touch of Christmas cheer to your home, not forgetting traditional and Retro Glam themed Christmas décor.

It is indeed the season to be jolly and ODEL ensures that you will be so!