Dec 02, 2018

Dilantha's 'DilanGo' taxi service launched

Sri Lanka's star racer - Dilantha Malagamuwa recently launched a new taxi service called 'DilanGo'.

Initially starting from the Colombo suburbs, 'DilanGo' taxis are to gradually expand into an island-wide service.

Speaking at the launch held recently at the Galadari Hotel, Mr. Malagamuwa said their objective is to provide a safe and reliable service and their drivers would be given a special training to do so.

He added that 20% of the year end profits would be given to the drivers themselves while another 10% would be donated to the 'Little Hearts' project.

"Even I entered the racing field with immense difficulty. Still, a huge amount of money is needed to participate in international events. This venture will be a financial strength not only to me but to other sports personnel facing financial issues," he further said.

Dilantha Taxi 1

Dilantha Taxi 2