Mar 03, 2019

Frostaire to localize manufacture of cold chain solutions

Frostaire, Sri Lanka’s premier cooling service provider, has become the first company to localise the manufacture of cold rooms and freezer trucks for the local market.
Yet another milestone for the home-grown brand, this newest addition to Frostaire’s growing portfolio will serve to greatly revolutionise industries benefiting from a locally manufactured cold chain -i.e. mechanism for systematically distributing perishables and frozen foods from production site to consumers, retaining low temperatures.

The refrigeration industry integrally covers the whole cold chain from production to transport and consumption of products such as foods and medical supplies. Consequently, special specifications matching the products requiring a cold chain are becoming necessary in refrigeration facilities such as warehouses, containers for vehicles etc. Cold storage facilities are installed mainly for perishables such as fruits and vegetables according to the scale of storage and range of preservation temperatures that are required at production sites, wholesale markets, and general sales outlets such as supermarkets.

Having grown from humble beginnings, Frostaire is now nearly four decades strong, and has built a name for itself as the ultimate provider of comprehensive cooling solutions - be it single unit air-conditioners for the home, or commercial walk-in cold rooms to service an entire industry.

As leaders in providing specialised cold chain management services - including refrigerated warehousing, storage and transport for perishable food, beverages and pharmaceutical products, Frostaire has developed a relationship of trust with industry professionals that engage in food retail services, and has proven its mettle as an efficient and reliable distributor of cold chain products.

“Our business approach is to form long-term partnerships with our clients, and to along the way expand our company’s service offering to serve all local industries benefitting from a strong and efficient temperature-controlled supply chain,” says Founder and Managing Director of Frostaire Group, Mukthar Marikkar. “That we now manufacture cold rooms and freezer trucks entirely in Sri Lanka, will not just reap economic benefits, but will also open up the market to more employment opportunities.”

Frostaire’s refrigeration and cold storage logistics portfolio covers the whole range of air-conditioners, commercial air-conditioners, cold rooms, transport refrigeration, and other products – all of which will be now manufactured in Sri Lanka under the Frostaire brand.