Mar 30, 2019

Plans to stop the import of WAGON R Featured

A decision has been taken to stop the import of the highest selling motor car in the country the Wagon R vehicles to Sri Lanka, the Vehicle Importers Association noted.

The Association stated that as a result the hopes of those who were waiting to import the highly fuel efficient vehicle, has been dashed.

The President of the Association said, “The Customs Categorisation Committee had given a decision that the C 200 Benz is not a Hybrid vehicle and based on that decision, the MH55S Wagon R has also been classed as a non-hybrid vehicle and is being cleared as a petrol vehicle. However, already around 50,000 Wagon R vehicles have been cleared from customs as hybrid vehicles and around 200,000 other vehicles with the same technology has been cleared as hybrid vehicles.”

The country that manufactures these vehicles, Japan has categorised these vehicles as Hybrid DAA and the petrol vehicles as DBA. Accordingly, the Wagon R belongs to the DAA category.

Based on the arbitrary decisions of the local customs who refuse to accept these vehicles with international hybrid classifications , we would soon face a situation where hybrid vehicles could not be imported to Sri Lanka.