Apr 25, 2019

Major tourism, trade expo kicks off in Yangzhou (Video)

The opening and project signing ceremony of 2019 China Yangzhou Flowery March International Economy, Trade and Business Tourism Festival was held in Yangzhou city in East China last week.

The festival, which will continue until May 18, is the largest international festival held in China in Business, Tourism and Technology.

During the opening ceremony on April 18, a total of 55 industrial projects involving a total of about 65.8 billion yuan worth of investment, were signed.

Yangzhou, a tourism hotspot with over 2000 years of history has held the annual festival for 18 consecutive years. It has also entered fast development lane in building a technological innovation city.

Speaking, mayor of the Yangzhou province - Xia Xinmin said that during the flowery march season, let's take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty, culture and taste of Yangzhou to the full and that an open, inclusive, exquisite and innovative Yangzhou welcomes you with open arms.

Music, dance, and a revelry of multicolored flowers wowed visitors and added color to the event.

- Shanika Jayasekara reporting from China

Flowery march from SRI LANKA MIRROR on Vimeo.