May 03, 2019

Another incapable CCO appointed to Sri Lankan? Featured

The new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) appointed to Sri Lankan Airlines Joshua Bustos is an incapable official, it is reported.

Prior to his engagement with Sri Lanka, he had served as the Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan’s Safi Airlines until 2016 when it was shut down by the Afghan Government due to its heavy debts.

He had later changed his name to Mohommed Omar and embraced Islam, having married an Afghan lady.

He also faces serious corruption allegations and most prominent among them is the contract he had granted to Bustos Group Of Companies for $ 11 million for the supply of transmission equipment. However, he had registered his company in the US a day after the contract was received.

Many international news sources had reported this matter. had reported this matter.

SLAJoshua1 670px 19 05 03 had also reported this news.

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Therefore, under such circumstances there is much talk and concern regarding the decision taken to appoint Joshua Bustos as the Chief Commercial Officer for Sri Lankan Airlines from April 23.