May 16, 2019

Masterminds of Sampath Bank scam soon to be arrested

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) today (16 May) informed Kaduwela Magistrate Prasanna Alwis that they are leading a thorough investigation to arrest number of leading figures in the country in connection with Sampath Bank fraud.

This was stated when the courts took up the case pertaining to the alleged fraud at Sampath Bank.

This massive fraud had come to light due to a complaint made to the CID by a Ayurveda doctor who had been a victim of this scam.

It was significant that a group of lawyers represented Sampath Bank during the hearing which included President's Counsel Shavindra Fernando and Senior Counsel Nalinda Indrathissa.

Representing the victimized party President's Counsel Nalinda Dissanayake stated that number of similar cases have been filed at courts.

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