May 17, 2019

Another blow to the tourism industry! Featured

Due to the recent incidents in the country, the tourists entering Sri Lanka have shortened their stay here.

According to the Tourist Board Director General Upali Ratnayake, previously tourists would remain in the country for an average of 12 days, but now that had reduced.

It is also reported that the number of tourists entering the country has reduced to around 1700 a day.

Usually during this season from May to June the average tourist arrivals had been around 5000-5500.

The number of European tourists’ arrivals has dropped drastically, while only tourists from India and China are still arriving.

Meanwhile, Northern Governor Suren Raghavan noted that from May 24th tourists travelling to the North by train would receive a 50% rebate on the train charges.

This concession is awarded to tourist groups of over four persons.

Many of the hotels in Jaffna have also reduced their charges by around 50%.

Issuing a statement the Northern Governor’s office stated that this concession would be awarded for around two months.

During the forthcoming period many events would be organised to attract tourists.