Jan 14, 2017

Bleak future for Sri Lanka’s surveyors Featured

Measures are being taken to hand over Surveyors Department activities to an American company ‘Mirimble’, it is reported.

The survey activities are to be leased to them at a cost of Rs. 25,000 million.

According to internal sources, in spite of the Surveyors Department had agreed to carry out the survey activities at a cost of Rs. 2,360 million, the government is ready to employ the services of the American company at a much higher cost.

The Surveyors Department has around 700 registered surveyors within the organisation while in addition there are around 1,300 registered surveyors in the country.

In addition to the surveyors, the Department employs around 2,500 other staff members.

This decision to hand over surveying activities to an American firm has been taken by the Economic Committee without either Cabinet or Parliamentary approval.

However, despite our efforts to contact the Surveyor General P.M.P. Udayakantha for his views on this situation, he was unavailable for comment.