Jun 22, 2019

Sri Lankan Airlines officers shifted to Katunayake Featured

The Sri Lankan Airlines administration has decided to shift their offices that were located at the World Trade Centre to Katunayake, it is reported.

The airline had shifted their marketing, public administration and media units to the World Trade Centre in 2011.

This measure has been taken to reduce the overheads of the company which is making huge losses. However, the complaints made by the customers to staff members have increased due to the small space provided for ticketing.

However, the Sri Lankan Airlines staff members have written to the President to inquire as to why an international airline had moved its offices from its Colombo base.

Nairas conspiracy

Meanwhile, the Norwegian Consultancy form Nairas had been paid Rs. 3.5 million to investigate how the loss making Sri Lankan Airlines could be transformed into a profitable institution. However, so far none of the recommendations in this report have been made use of.

As a result Norway’s Nairas has to remain in the country and they demand a payment for having to do so.

Meanwhile, a former Sri Lankan Airlines Director told Sri Lanka Mirror that a prominent government member has been using the said company as a mediator and has been trying for a long time to sell the airline.

It is said that if Nairas mediates and makes the sale of Sri Lankan, they would be entitled to a big chunk as commission.

Sri Lanka Mirror learns that the said government member had been instrumental in bringing Nairas to Sri Lanka as well.