Jan 18, 2017

BOC launches "Branch on Wheels”

The country’s No.1 Bank, Bank of Ceylon launched their newest value addition to its customers - “Branch on wheels”.
The addition was launched ceremoniously launched on January 10th, 2017 with the patronage of the Bank’s Chairman Mr. Ronald C. Perera and General Manager, Mr. D.M. Gunasekera. 

This mobile branch vehicle includes a teller counter, customer area, ATM, and a self service KIOSK. A wider range of banking services such as cash deposits and withdrawals, fund transfers, bill payments, accounts opening, applying for loans and internet banking is provided here. With the online connectivity the mobile branch has, a transaction that would be done at through this branch would be updated real-time.

BOC Branch on Wheels is introduced in line with the Government objective to bring in the un-bankable population in the country to the banking stream through extending modern banking facilities to customers in remote areas and building their confidence in the banking stream. Even these modern banking facilities are hard to reach for some; mobile branch will go up to the customer breaking psychological and geographic barriers to make banking more feasible.

Enabled as a part of the digital transformation, the Bank takes this initiative very seriously. To ensure that the entire country is covered, the Bank will assign a mobile branch for each province. By doing so it will be able to cover wider ground area and reach a wider customer base ranging from a busy marketplace, to a school, hospital and any type of organization or factory, at the convenience of the customer. The branch will be deployed according to a pre-decided schedule to operate as a routine branch. It will also serve as a service station when mobilizing special events in the region. BOC also looks forward to strategically place this as a part of a recovery plan to support relief operations in disaster situations to assist customers immediately in their time of need. 

Digitally altering the Sri Lankan Banking landscape, BOC pioneered to elevate the country’s banking industry significantly in par with the international standards bringing a world-class banking experience to its customers’. With the responsibility of a Bank with a state ownership it has spread its service across the country to cater every Sri Lankan.