Jul 12, 2019

Loajee miss call pilgrimage: case filed against Group M, Unilever under ICCPR Featured

There is severe criticism on social media against an Indian company Unilever the distributor of Laojee tea, over their propaganda campaign offering a pilgrimage to Kirivehera in Kataragama by giving a missed call.

However, Sri Lanka Mirror leaned that this was a gimmick used to increase their sales.

It is said that they expected positive results from this negative advertising campaign.

Meanwhile, journalist Aravinda Indrajith had expressed his dissatisfaction and protest about this advertising campaign through his FB account.

Hela Bodu Handa objects to Buddhism being used to promote tea

Laoji1 670px 19 07 12Meanwhile, several Buddhist organisations had condemned the move to use a Buddhist institution to promote their product.

The Hela Bodu Handa had posted their objections regarding the use of Buddhism for advertising purposes on their FB page. When contacted by us the organisation’s Chairman Dammika Soloman said his organisation opposes any advertising campaign which uses Buddhism for their promotional activities.

He said further investigations would be carried out.

Several other Buddhist organisations have taken the decision to file charges against Unilever and the advertising group under the ICCPR.

Constitutional right

Under paragraph 14 (1) of the Constitution everyone has the right to freedom of expression. Similarly under paragraph 10 everyone has the right to embrace or practice any religion of their choice. They also have the right to think freely and express their views regarding their religion or any ethical matter.

However, these freedoms should be enjoyed without infringing on the freedoms of others and without harming their personality or self respect.

There are many laws which prevent personal rights being expressed beyond the limit.

Group M accepts responsibility of advertising

Meanwhile, when contacted regarding this matter, a spokesman of Group M said that they handle all of Unilever Group’s advertising.

Several institutions which stood up strongly for Buddhist rights recently have been continuously airing these advertisements.