Jul 17, 2019

WhatsApp, Telegram users cautioned of file sharing lapse

WhatsApp and Telegram users have been advised to take precaution while sharing media files after a top cybersecurity firm exposed a security lapse on the instant messaging platforms this week.

Symantec, a global cybersecurity company on its website on Monday, revealed a security flaw dubbed as ‘Media File Jacking’, which allows hackers to “intervene and manipulate media files without the user’s knowledge”.

According to Symantec, hackers could manipulate media files which are loaded onto the apps’ chat user interface.

This would allow an attacker to misuse and manipulate sensitive information such as personal photos and videos, corporate documents, invoices, and voice memos.

The cyber-security firm stated that despite end-to-end encryption facilities being made available in such apps for safe communication, such measures are insufficient if vulnerabilities exist in an app’s code.

Symantec suggested users download malware detection apps in a bid to protect their devices from being hacked.