Jul 22, 2019

DIMO redefined as the best place to work in Asia

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) ranks among the top 25 companies of Great Place To Work (GPTW) in Sri Lanka, for the 7th consecutive time. The GPTW Awards Ceremony was held recently, at Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo. 

This year DIMO raised the bar higher reaching out far beyond, with a sensational grab of a total of 5 awards.

Transcending in the field of automobile through innovation with a prolific history, marking 80 years, DIMO benefits the refinement of people’s everyday needs and wants spreading across, as the basic solution provider in the fields of engineering, consumer goods, education, agriculture and industrial solutions. DIMO grows along with the people, business and community encapsulating the GPTW theme for the year celebrating “A Great Place to Work for All”. At the Awards ceremony, the company was also rewarded with a special recognition for the outperformance beyond limits as one of the Best Workplaces in Asia for the year 2019 in the category of Large Workplaces in Asia. 

Commemorating the pinnacle of places to work, DIMO also bestows the titles of Best Public Limited Corporation 2019, Best in Extra Large Sized Enterprise Category - Gold Award and Excellence in People Initiative - Corporate Social Responsibility, apart from the awards mentioned above.

Using the principles of the “Employee First Concept”, DIMO stands out as an employee friendly platform, redefining the workplace as home. “I am especially proud to work for a company that embraces our vast diversity, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all of our DIMO tribe members.” claims Sampath Kumarasinghe, Deputy General Manager, TATA Commercial Vehicle Sales of DIMO, acknowledging his first-hand experience from within the DIMO culture. With a reach of above 1700 employees across the nation, DIMO creates a culture of its own idealizing the capabilities of the “best’ with an entire new definition of employment from recruitments, employee engagement to building capacity. 

DIMO harbors an assembly of a diverse set of individuals playing their own roles to showcase a high performance culture supported through the rewarding schemes introduced to enhance the employee performance to meet the business targets. The strategic performance based pay, attractive monetary incentives along with career advancement and development opportunities boost the capacity of the company to grow above and beyond.

The continuous recognition of the employees enables DIMO to lead the team of individuals through innovation;exceptionally stands out among its people as a place of trust, capturing PRIDE of the people and making the environment to enjoy an exuberant place of an art of life. The company is recognized as a hub of empowerment as Sayuri Sumithrarachchi, Senior Electrical Engineer – Building Technologies of DIMO pens “DIMO provides everyone an equal opportunity to excel at what they do. Everyone is empowered to move forward in their careers”. Along with empowerment, DIMO also provides a day to day work environment that promotes strong interpersonal relationships where friends and family evolve within the camaraderie of employees. 

Among the forerunners as an employer standing for its people,DIMO advances to strive towards the future. Emphasizing on the Employee Value Preposition “Making work enjoyable and rewarding” the organization continues to reinvigorate among the forerunners of the best places to work with a constant celebration of the high trust, high performance culture. The motivation and aspiration entrusted within all layers of the employees continue to sustain the positive energy within and around the people. This assures DIMO excellence in performance collared as a Great Place to Work acing in all of Sri Lanka and Asia in the year 2019.