Jul 29, 2019

Emerald Active re-invents the casual shirt

Emerald, Sri Lanka’s specialists in luxury-grade menswear, have unveiled a dapper, new look for their smart-casual range, Emerald Active.

The premium shirting brand’s new collection of informal -yet trendy- button-down shirts is aimed at the gentleman looking to dress-down without compromising on style.

Emerald Active offers a vibrant colour spectrum to suit the dynamic and spirited personality of its wearer, where customers can choose from a wide range of contemporary geometrical combinations, soothing prints and multi textured solids.

The key to a good wardrobe is not in its numbers, but in its potential for versatility. The new Emerald Active range encourages customers to experiment with different sartorial combinations. Pair with chinos for a smart Sunday brunch, denims for a night out, or even just shorts for that beachside getaway. Take your relaxed look just that other step further with either your shirt partly untucked, layered over a tee, or even with its sleeves pulled up. Wear your Emerald Active shirt however, wherever, and whenever you like.

While versatility and design are paramount, comfort is as crucial. The made-to-last construction of each signature Emerald Active shirt involves use of the finest cotton and cotton blends fabrics, making for a second-skin wearer experience. The subtle deviations from traditional shirt design lie in the finer details, key design elements reflecting the brand’s attention to detail and unwavering commitment to ensure that every Emerald shirt wearer feels as great as they look.