Aug 01, 2019

COYLE - JETRO brings Sri Lanka Corporate Health and Productivity Awards for 2nd year

The Chamber of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs (COYLE) in collaboration with Japan External Trade cooperation (JETRO) organised “Sri Lanka Corporate Health and Productivity Awards’’ for the second consecutive year which is
expected to attract a great deal of concern from business enterprises and young entrepreneurs.

A workshop on Health and Productivity Management was held on 30th July 2019 to enhance the corporate values of enterprises by promoting enterprises engaged in health and productivity management and broadening island-wide
health and management programmes.The workshop was conducted by Dr. Yoshiaki Ichikawa, visiting professor of Tama University,Tama, Japan encouraging enterprises to move towards health and productivity programmes. Moreover, the participants of the workshop were able to enhance knowledge in the field of Health and Productivity Management and gain insight into various means of management from an employee perspective.

Last year’s awards ceremony gained wider recognition and reach of the public which eventually led to a revolution in the enterprise sector with measures being taken by a significant number of enterprises to uplift the health and productivity of the employees.

This year’s awards ceremony is set to be held in January, 2020 in line with the Health and programme held in Japan by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

All the participant enterprises from Sri Lanka are invited to register for the productivity awards and will primarily be categorised under extra-large, large, medium and small based on their number of employees. The enterprises which successfully carry out efforts with regard to employee health from a management programme will be awarded and promoted as successful enterprises,which investors see as worth empowering.

Addressing the press briefing, Chairman of COYLE, Aminda Rodrigo stated, ‘’After much success at the initial award ceremony, the second awards ceremony marks a considerable growth in the number of participants and with
ample experience and research in health and productivity management both in local and foreign companies, it is observed world-wide that health and productivity management programmes are indispensable for the success of
both company and employee.Past winners reiterated that they have enhanced their knowledge on health and wellbeing by participating in the program”.

‘’It is an obligation of the management and executives to look into employee health and wellbeing if the authorities are to acquire maximum employee performance and the most vital cog of any company is the employees and initially, they need to be taken care with much attention. Both physical and mental health are essential to work stress-free and comfortably’’, commented Masato MoItonaga, JETRO Resident representative.

Corporate Health and wellbeing programmes have always been a pillar of success for enterprises at situations of crisis and are instrumental in creating a positive-minded work force, enhancing employee health and performance, improving engagement and retention. The fluctuating economy of the contemporary time demands health and well being programmes more than ever and foreign enterprises have gained greater success and profit by shifting towards such programmes. Moreover, health and productivity programmes act as a remarkable approach to come out of the stagnant economy and helps in alleviating stress and employee dissatisfaction.