Aug 05, 2019

DIMO’s new identity and way forward

Reposition DIMO inside-out, to grow competitively and profitably considering the challenges of the future.

Brand DIMO crosses the big 80-year milestone this year. With every decade DIMO has improved lifestyles of Sri Lankans through multiple interactions. It is a fittingmoment to reflect on our successes and strengths but also
regroup, to identify our weaknesses and opportunities, moving forward.

Through research DIMO has been found to be a brand that is highly respected, trusted, safe to work with. Customers believe our employees project empathy and humanity. Customers describe DIMO as a name that revolves around trust and ethical operations. Our dependence - close association with - our principal brands gives DIMO its international edge.

However, our long and strong association with overseas brands have resulted in us giving preference to the principal brands over the DIMO brand. The new DIMO identity will see us move from a House of Brands concept to
Branded House concept, where the emphasis and positioning of DIMO will take precedence.

In line with our corporate strategy we plan to repositionDIMO to grow competitively and profitably considering the challenges of the future. This will include a new brand identity, a new brand framework, a new set of
values and introduction of standards of leadership (SOL).

Why Change?Our stakeholders judge the company based on what they see, hear and experience with us. A 2017 stakeholder brand perception study found a discrepancy between our perceptions of the DIMO brand and the reality.

Our overarching goal is to strengthen brand loyalty starting from the employees, playing to their strengths and our values as a team, with the ultimate objective of building a modernized, visionary DIMO brand experience both visually and interactively for customers.