Aug 21, 2019

Sri Lankan loss 230 billion by April Featured

According to the Auditor General’s report, by April 30th Sri Lankan Airlines loss stands at Rs. 146 billion, accumulative loss Rs. 230 billion and the loans repayable to state banks stands at Rs. 102 billion, it is reported.

The current financial status of Sri Lankan Airlines was under investigation at the CoPE Committee and the above details were revealed.

The Director Board of Sri Lankan Airlines and the Finance Ministry Secretary was summoned before the CoPE Committee yesterday (20).

It is reported that Sri Lankan is facing this crisis due to the dues payable to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation for fuel obtained and the purchase of aircrafts.

Recover the debts from state institutions

The Chairman of the CoPE Committee Sunil Handunnetti said that various state institutions owe Sri Lankan Rs. 123 million and instructed them to recover these funds.

He also stated that there is Rs. 114 million due to Sri Lankan from the Presidential Secretariat and Rs. 9 million due from the Foreign Ministry.

Therefore, the CoPE Committee adviced Sri Lankan Airlines to recover these funds due to them.