Aug 26, 2019

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale to revisit SL

All booklovers of Sri Lanka have just received thrilling news via a viral social media post, consequent to which we all proceeded to save up to splash out on the most vital thing in the world: affordable books!

The teaser post on the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale’s Facebook Page triggered all the Wolfies of the nation to eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Book Sale this year again.

The Book Sale that premiered in Sri Lanka in the year 2017, has just hinted to return for the third consecutive year, through a social media leak that has fast progressed on everybody’s feed. The date is yet to be revealed and
no doubt, the success of the last two years’ sales has paved way for the World’s Biggest Book Sale to Sri Lanka once again. Celebrated worldwide, the Book Sale left an inconceivable impression on the book fanatics of this
nation and with discounts spanning from 50% to 90%, customers can be assured of the best bargains across an extensive range of genres, authors and age groups.

The Sale this year is expected to be even more"awwwwooosome" and is set to become an annual event for the bookworms in Sri Lanka. With Sri Lanka aspiring to be a literary hub in Asia, and given the global recognition of
events such as the yearly Galle Literary Festival, international Book Sale such as this will further enhance that image.

The Book Sale is expected to continue for ten days, similar to the last two years, promising to deliver a phenomenal book shopping experience for all expectant Wolfies. Undoubtedly, the triumph of both the previous years’
sales has paved the way for its return, with the Wolf’s new ‘fangs’ eagerly anticipating its opening date.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is known for providing brand new, high-quality affordable books such as literature, young adult, non-fiction and coffee table books, sourced from publishers around the world at discounted prices.
Both the initial and consequent Sale featured a large variety of books including bedtime stories, activity books and educational tools which took off the shelves. Bookworms from every nook and corner of Sri Lanka swept
them away in their backpacks, eager to delve into the depths of the fantastic world that Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has brought for them.

One aspect of the Sale that is extremely appealing to the reader is the sheer air of the event. Throughout the Sale, there is a flurry of activities, helpful voluntary staff that is just as much geeks as we are, who will point out the exact location of the book even before we get the entire title out, and booklovers obsessively stalking each shelf.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will no doubt attract huge crowds and is undoubtedly sure to rouse that inner reader in us by just being there. Stay tuned to hear about the opening date and every other exciting news about the Book Sale very soon.

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