Oct 16, 2019

Ocean Lanka celebrates ‘SewaAbhiman 2019’ Loyalty Awards

Ocean Lanka Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka’s largest weft knitted fabric manufacturer, recently celebrated the ‘SewaAbhiman 2019’ Loyalty Awards, where gold coins were presented to 102 employees, who complete 10 years of service at the company.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Austin Au, Managing Director of Ocean Lanka said, "Our company has always been about the people and employee longevity is of utmost value to Ocean Lanka. We are very fortunate to have employees whose many years of unwavering loyalty and commitment have earned much respect the company is enjoying today. Their dedication underscores the continuing growth of our business and our drive to reach greater heights.”

The ‘SewaAbhiman 2019’ Loyalty Awards is a culminating activity of Ocean Lanka’s 23rd anniversary celebrations and is considered one of the important employee recognition events. The company remains committed to fostering employee loyalty and longevity within the organization,by means of comprehensive orientation and onboarding, employee appraisals,various employee engagement and well-being programmes.