Nov 22, 2019

Your bank details in danger – Central Bank warns Featured

The Central Bank has warned that it has received considerable number of complaints regarding financial frauds through social media, adding that in the recent past these scams have increased.

It stated that most of these scams are connected to easy loan schemes where the scam artists extract the bank details and private identification details of persons. They then use these details to get into the accounts of their victims and steal their money.

Protect your bank passwords and PIN numbers

Today many people use online banking due to its convenience. However, people should protect their passwords and PIN numbers very carefully and never share these details with others. Especially when engaging in online transactions, it is vital to activate your SMS alert service, where you are notified when a transaction is carried out, preventing such scams.

The Central Bank said in its notice that an increase in the number of such scams had been detected at present.