Dec 17, 2019

Sampath big shots disturbed by Mirror revelation

Lawyers appearing on behalf of Sampath Bank informed the Kaduwela Magistrate's Court today (16 Dec) that their clients are disturbed by the news on the alleged large-scale financial fraud at Sampath Bank.

Sri Lanka Mirror, on a series of exclusive articles, had been revealing financial fraud at Sampath Bank.

When the case was taken up before the Kaduwela Magistrate's Court today, President's Counsel Nalin Dissanayake appeared for the aggrieved party and stated that Sampath Bank is fully responsible for the fraud done by the bank manager.

This massive fraud had come to light due to a complaint made to the Criminal Investigation Department by a internationally recognized Ayurvedic doctor Kelum Weerasinghe who had been a victim of this scam.

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