Jan 07, 2020

Attempts to palm the Sampath Bank financial fraud on manager

The CID had submitted the forensic audit report to the Kaduwela Magistrate’s Court yesterday (06) pertaining to the massive Sampath Bank financial fraud involving billions of funds belonging to depositors.

T forensic audit report was presented to court by the CID when the financial fraud case against Sampath Bank was taken up in court yesterday.

The attorneys appearing on behalf of Sampath Bank notified court that the bank will not be responsible for the fraud committed to the depositors by the bank’s managers.

However, the attorneys representing the aggrieved party told court that the managers of the bank and the ban are not two separate entities and that they are one, adding that the bank is entirely responsible for the frauds committed against the depositors by the bank’s managers.

The Sampath Bank large scale financial scam had come to light during investigations carried out based on a complaint lodged by world renowned native doctor Kelum Weerasinghe.