Jan 14, 2020

SriLankan Chairman, CEO gets new office  Featured

A high ranking official of SriLankan Airlines, who is facing allegations by the Presidential Commission is said to have obtained new office with all facilities spending millions, for the new Chairman and the Chief Commercial Officer with the aim of currying favour and obtaining a promotion, it is reported.

While the SriLankan office was shifted from WTC to Katunayake last October, this officer has obtained an office with all modern facilities for the new heads wasting a colossal sum of money.

The corrupt official had issued instructions to establish these two offices at the airline centre building before next Tuesday.

The two offices provided for these two heads last October, is a mere 50 metres away from the proposed new offices.

It has been revealed that this corrupt officer is wasting government funds to establish this new office for the two heads of the airline with the aim of scoring points and regaining his lost status at SriLankan.