Jan 31, 2017

Blue Mountain chief inspires youth at ‘Futurepreneur’ launch

The Group Chairman and founder of leading real estate group - Blue Mountain, Dr. Hiran Hettiarachchi recently delivered an inspirational lecture to aspiring young entrepreneurs.

He was delivering the  keynote speech on the occasion of the launching of the ‘Futurepreneur’ Magazine, by the Young Entrepreneurs Association from the Department of Commerce & Finance Management at University of Kelaniya.

The launch of the magazine and his invitation as the keynote speaker and as member of the panel discussion, for the memorable occasion coincided with the institution’s ‘Entrepreneurship Day 2016’. 

The event was held at A. T. H. Sunil Shantha Memorial Auditorium at the University of Kelaniya in the presence of over 300 attendees. Widely considered a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs, Dr. Hettiarachchi recently won ‘The Most Admired Entrepreneur of the Year’ and ‘CEO of the Year’ at The Global Marketing Excellence Awards.

In his keynote speech at the event, Dr. Hettiarachchi delivered a motivational message by citing his own professional journey which was characterized by successes and failures from which he emerged stronger each time. He went into detail about how one can achieve goals and how to identify inner strengths and to convert them into practice by creating a career focus. He further touched on aspects of leadership as well. Personally, he is an inspiration to countless number of Sri Lankans for his extraordinary vision and sound business acumen.

The speech of Dr. Hettiarachchi is shown below :

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Dr. Hiran Hettiarachchi (MBBS-Colombo & MBA-Australia) is the Founder and the Group Chairman of the Blue Mountain Group. He is a renowned real estate professional and visionary entrepreneur, with extensive experience in the real estate industry. His leadership forte lies in delivering world-class real estate projects in Sri Lanka that are beacons of design, quality and innovation. He is a medical doctor by profession who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine from the University of Colombo in 2011 and is now respected as an energetic professional and a dynamic leader within the business fraternity of Sri Lanka.