Feb 07, 2020

BoC helpless over Rs. 80b loans Featured

President of Pragathi Bank Employees Union - Nishantha Samarasinghe says that the Bank of Ceylon has issued loans amounting to over Rs. 80 billion to individuals including politicians, during the days of the Good Governance government.

Speaking yesterday (06) at a media briefing held at the N.M. Perera Centre in Borella, Mr. Samarasinghe said that the BoC has cut off over Rs. 50 billion as bad debts during this time.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that four UNP bigwigs are also involved in this and no investigation has been initiated so far despite the CIABOC and the COPE.

He also said that a Prado vehicle amounting to Rs. 25 million which was given to the bank's former General Manager, was taken home with him when retiring, after paying just Rs. 600,000.