Feb 10, 2020

Caravan Fresh raids continue: Was registration hidden for terrorist activity? Featured

The Consumer Affairs Authority is continuing the raids on the Caravan Fresh chain of outlets after 17.5 tons of expired cake ingredients and bakery products were found during a raid of the Madina Foods stores in Wattala recently. Caravan Fresh chain of restaurants are owned by Madina Foods (Pvt. Ltd.).

Accordingly, the CAA raided several of these restaurants during the past week.

Currently, a case has been filed against Madina Foods at the Wattala Magistrate’s Court and it has been revealed that this company had given an Indian address during the registration of this company.

Therefore, it has been difficult to trace the actual owners of this company and it is suspected whether the true owners were concealed during the registration process due to some terrorist connection.

However, it is reported that the CAA is taking all measures to uncover the true owners of this company and file charges against them prior to the next calling date of the case on February 19th.

Meanwhile, when we contacted several high officials of the company regarding who the directors of the company were, they claimed that they had no knowledge of who the directors of the company were.