Mar 01, 2020

Complaint to CB against Sampath Bank : Yasiru taken for questioning

The Slave Island Police had obtained a statement from the Sri Lanka Information Technology Association President Rajiv Yasiru Kuruwitage regarding his revelation that the Sampath Bank ATMs throughout the country are not secure and there is room for customer data to be stolen.

This is based on a complaint lodged by Sampath Bank that the Information Technology Association is spreading false allegations against the bank.

However, it is also reported that as the police officer recording the statement from Yasiru had absolutely no knowledge about information technology and this made it very difficult for Yasiru.

A large number of lawyers had been present at the police station representing Sampath Bank.
Meanwhile, the President of the National Movement for the Protection of Consumer Rights had written to the Central Bank Governor to conduct an impartial investigation regarding the revelation make by the Information Technology Association.

The letter to the CB Governor further stated that in the event this revelation is true, then the money and data of a large number of Sampath Bank customers would be compromised. He urged the CB Governor to ensure that Sampath Bank initiate a programme immediately to educate their customers regarding this threat.