Mar 02, 2020

Political interference at BoC for the first time, 2 posts changed Featured

Protests are scheduled to be held during the lunch hour opposite the Bank of Ceylon Head Office against the politicization of the two permanent positions of the bank, the General Manager’s post and the CEO’s post, it is reported.

As these two positions are permanent posts, they are general filled by the most experienced and senior officers who are promoted to these posts.

These positions had never been filled by political interference in the history of the bank.

Warning of massive protests if the issue is not resolved

The Finance Ministry is said to have removed the BoC General Manager and CEO from their posts and the BoC Workers Union  General Secretary Ranjan Senanayake warns that if this matter is not rectified by tomorrow, they would be forced to engage in a more serious protest.

He noted that the President and Prime Minister have both been notified of this matter in writing and in the event the issue could be resolved through discussion, they were willing to change their decision.

Senanayake further noted that the posts of the General Manager and CEO cannot be filled through Cabinet decisions.

Mistake of the previous government rectified  

Meanwhile, a senior officer of the Treasury Department told the Sri Lanka Mirror that rectifying a mistake made by the previous government, the Cabinet had taken a decision to appoint BoC Senior Deputy General Manager (Treasury) Sugath Gunasekara as the General Manager.

He said that in 2018 three names had been proposed for this post and out of them Sugath Gunasekara was the most qualified to hold this post.

Gunasekara is a capable  officer with over 40 years’ experience and is the first to have  joined as a Clerk and risen to the post of General Manager.

It is further reported that the Cabinet had decided to appoint the two senior officers of the BoC as advisors to the Finance Ministry.