Mar 06, 2020

Turmeric, Urad Dhal prices double due to import ban

Due to the decision taken by the government to ban the import of grains which could be grown locally, prices of these commodities have doubled, it is reported.

Previously the price per kilo of turmeric stood at Rs. 325 with an import tax of Rs. 102 while a kilo of urad dhal was sold at Rs. 425 which included a import tax of Rs. 200.

However, with the import ban in place, the wholesale prices of Turmeric and Urad dhal have shot up to Rs 650 and Rs. 700 per kilo respectively.

The monthly consumption of turmeric in the country is around 500-600 metric tonnes, while the consumption of Urad dhal is around 1500-1600 metric tonnes.

Relief sought from PM over President’s ban 

Previously, the companies producing products related to these items had purchased the entire imported stocks, but now due to the ban products made with these two items have been increased.

In this backdrop, the sizes of popular food items - Vade and Dosa are said to be made smaller while prices are increased.

Under these circumstances, Turmeric and Urad dhal importers have appealed to the Prime Minister to intervene and re-allow the imports.

In response, the Prime Minister has stated that as the ban was imposed by the President, he would discuss the matter with him and resolve it.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that as the importers of turmeric and urad dhal import stocks and release them gradually as the local production is harvested only around December. 

However, local farmers of turmeric and Urad dhal have claimed that they are disadvantaged due to this situation and based on advice given to the president, the decision was taken to ban these imports.