Mar 10, 2020

Court order against 'Real jumbo peanuts' Featured

A court order has been issued to halt distribution of 'Real Jumbo Peanuts' by Radiant Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.
The reason is because the labelling of the product as 'Real' Jumbo Peanuts could create a miscontrusion. 
The company has pleaded guilty after the Colombo Magistrate's Court took up a case (No. D24273/05/19) on this regard.
The court has ordered company directors - Arunasalam Sivanathan, Rajani Sivanathan and Arunasalam Illangakoon to pay fines of Rs. 10,000 each.
The company has also produced a packet sans the word - 'Real' and has pledged to continue the product without using that word.
Upon inquiring of this, Mr. Arunasalam Illangakoon admitted that they have received a court order as such.
When 'Sri Lanka Mirror' asked him when the product will be released to the market in its new, re-worded packaging, he said that the peanuts were imported from China and although an order has been placed, their shipment has not arrived yet. Therefore, he said they will do it when they receive the shipment.
However, although a week has elapsed since the court order was declared, the product with the old packaging is still displayed in the company website.

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