Apr 26, 2020

Need US$ 2 b to build economy - PB Featured

Sri Lanka would require at least an additional US$ 2 billion of foreign aid to rebuild the country's economy crippled by the Covid-19 pandemic, President's secretary - Mr. P.B. Jayasundera says.

He has said that the government is required to several areas of the economy as well as pay back foreign debt.

US$ 3200 m to pay back debt

It is said that there is a total of US$ 3.2 b in debts to be repaid this year.

Certain countries have already called for debt relief from creditor countries and organisations while the World Bank has pledged about US$200 million in aid, Dr. Jayasundera has added.

Speaking with the 'Deshaya' newspaper, he has told that a number of foreign countries and organizations have come forward to assist Sri Lanka.