Feb 08, 2017

FIA probes PIA- Sri Lankan A 330 Aircraft deal

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Lahore began an investigation into Pakistan Airlines A330 aircraft deal with Sri Lankan airlines in August last year.

The inquiry against PIA management into charges of corruption has rocked the aviation circles world wide as three were allegations of taking massive commissions from the deal, Pakistani media reports revealed.

The wet leasing of A-330 aircraft from Sri Lankan Airlines at astronomically high rate is shocking; Media reports quoted a FIA official as saying.

Sri Lankan Airlines is levying PIA a rate of US$ 8100 per hour under the lease agreement which is a very high amount he said. The normal charge is about $ 6000 per hour.

Some one in the middle has taken massive cut from this unfavorable deal for PIA, Pakistani official source said.

PIA continues negotiations on the leasing of two more Airbus A330 aircraft from Sri Lankan Airlines while insisting the local airline authorities to revise the previous wet lease agreement with a discount on the previous aircraft acquired by them, Pakistan government aviation sources reported.

The PIA has delayed the installment payment for the wet lease of Airbus A330 aircraft from Sri Lankan Airlines as the Air line has already made a request for discount for the air bus deal.

The PIA has also planned to convert recently acquired aircraft into dry lease after the airline gives an ample training to its crew on new technology, an official said.

In another saga Sri Lankan Air Lines wet leased aircraft operated by its own pilots and cabin crew and used by Pakistan International Airlines to fly from Lahore to London Heathrow, was intercepted by RAF typhoon fighter jets and forced to land at Stansted Airport, after an anonymous phone call had been received regarding a security issue on Tuesday.

A Pakistani man wanted by the UK Metropolitan Police was reported to have been escorted off the aircraft after it landed.

The SriLankan Airlines aircraft 4R ALN used for this operation by PIA, was flown by SriLankan Airlines Capt. Maleen Perera and First Officer Malavi Pathirane whilst the Cabin Crew consisted of SriLankan Airlines Cabin Supervisor Hettiarachchige Lakshman, Cabin Crew Members Mohamad Azman, Dilshan Alwis and along with a few other PIA Cabin Crew Members.

All passengers and crew were reported to be safe as ongoing investigations were being carried out at Stansted Airport.

SriLankan Airlines despite losing millions of rupees on this current wet lease deal with PIA, could be further embroiled in a bigger problem with the UK Civil Aviation Authorities, as it is reliably learnt that the business visas and the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority endorsed flying licenses accorded to the Cabin Crew Members for this operation had expired a couple of days ago, media reports said.