Jun 03, 2020

CAA suspends selling 22 tonnes of Ashok & RS rebars  Featured

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has suspended sales of 22 tonnes of concrete reinforcing bars (rebars)  manufactured by two steel magnates, until the quality checks on these products are done.

The rebars are stored at two warehouses in Wattala belonging to Ashok Steel Industries (Pvt.) Ltd and  IWW Steel Industries (Pvt.) Ltd, who are the  manufacturers of RS brand QST bars.

The suspended stock is to be quality tested in a laboratory.

Weight is a key measurement when it comes to checking whether the steel is in compliance with the local standards.

Sri Lanka Standards stipulate that when a rebar is cut to six one-metre pieces, all pieces should weigh the same.

The CAA is taking there measures after considering a complaint that the rebars are of substandard quality.

They are also to inspect rebar stocks in other warehouses as well as in hardware stores, reports add.

Retire Major General Shantha Dissanayake - Chairman of the CAA has informed all inspection officers to inspect rebars available in hardware stores and submit a report to him before June 12. 

'Sri Lanka Mirror' unveiled many details on this fraud earlier this week.

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