Jun 08, 2020

Confusion over 2 'chairmen' at Kantale Sugar Featured

There is a dispute over who will chair the Kantale Sugar Factory.

The Good Governance Government entered into an agreement with an Indian company with regard to the long-defunct factory, and accordingly 51% of the shares are owned by the Sri Lankan government while 49% are owned by the Indian government.

Confusion over 2 'chairmen' at Kantale SugarAso, K.P. Mr. Nagaraja was appointed as the Chairman.

Meanwhile, it is said that a group of employees including the employees of the company have visited the Seenipura temple yesterday after learning that a one Pradeep Gunawardena was appointed as the new Chairman.

Production of the Kantale Sugar Factory was started in the 1960s. The factory was a donation of the Government of Czechoslovakia, handed over during the government of the former Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike.

The factory spans over 21,000 acres.

Meanwhile, convener of the Association to Protect Kantale Sugar Factory - Indika Paranavitharana says that there is nothing total strangers can do  and questions whether this is just an 'election joke' aimed to trick the youth,

I'm the chairman - Nagaraja

Meanwhile, Mr. Nagaraja says he is still still continuing to work as the Chairman of the Kantale Sugar Company.

"Two fraudsters came to our Kantale Sugar Company yesterday. They said have claimed to be the Chairman. This is a false information that was passed to the villagers. But the villagers know who is truly behind the project. We have to beware of fraudsters, ”he says.