Jun 09, 2020

Govt. to take over lands of 8 estate companies

The government has decided to take back the ownership of lands previously handed over to eight estate companies to be controlled.

According to sources, the control of these lands will subsequently be handed over to more suitable parties.

It is said that the government is to take over these lands after these companies have failed to act in compliance with the agreements they have made with the government.

The control of plantation estates, spanning thousands of acres, were handed over to companies under several conditions including replantation, proper and utilized control and completing cultivation on empty lands.

The plantation sector is managed by 23 such plantation companies and 08 of them are said to be in breach of contract.

These 08 companies have not even agreed to increasing the daily wage of the estate to Rs. 1,000. 

Considering all these factors, lands under these eight plantation companies will be taken back to the government, sources add.