Jun 12, 2020

Sampath Bank admits their customers were wronged Featured

Sampath Bank yesterday (11) admitted before the Kaduwela Magistrate that their customers had faced errors and shortcomings at the hands of the bank.

Lawyers representing the bank had stated thus when a court took up a case which cites that the bank had defrauded millions of rupees from its customers.

Appearing on behalf of the aggrieved party, Upul Jayasuriya P.C. said, "Transactions had taken place at the Sampath Bank even after 6pm. When suspicious transactions occur after regulated banking hours, top officials are notified of it. Therefore, the bank cannot wash its hands off this massive fraud."

The CID had uncovered details pertaining to the fraud while investigating a complaint filed by world renowned Ayurveda physician Kelum Weerasinghe, on this regard.

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