Jun 28, 2020

Agreements of 3 diesel power plants to be extended Featured

There is an underhand scheme aiming at extending the agreements of three private diesel power plants, reports say.

The agreements related to the private power plants - S. Embilipitiya, S. Matara and Asia Power are to be extended in this manner.

The initial agreement pertaining to purchasing electricity from the  'S. Embilipitiya' plant had ended in late 2015.

Following the end of the agreement period, the cabinet of ministers had decided that the plant should be purchased by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). Regardless,the CEB has gone ahead to extend the agreement instead.

The Auditor General and the COPE Committee have also confirmed that this agreement was illegal.

Trade unions point out that such power plants including the 'S. Embilipitiya' are operating without a license.

They add that although the government had planned to build a 100 MW power station in Galle in 2015, CEB officials have delayed it for five years. If it did progress, it would have been possible to adda 320 MW of electricity to the national grid.

However, due to the actions of its officials, the CEB  is compelled to spend twice the amount of money required to purchase the plants, to purchase electricity instead.

Attempts to contact CEB Chairman Vijitha Herath on this matter were unsuccessful.

(Source - Aruna)