Jul 19, 2020

Wheat feed instead of corn, to further up egg prices? Featured

Reports say that egg producers are allegedly planning to increase egg prices by creating an artificial scarcity of poultry feed.

Wholesalers point out that egg producers are now attempting to make up for the lost income during the epidemic led lockdown, when an egg was sold for Rs. 10.

Meanwhile, the All Ceylon Egg Producers Association (ACEPA) says that egg prices will increase further in the future.

The government importing 180,000 metric tonnes of wheat grains as an alternative when corn is required for poultry feed, is not a solution, says secretary of the ACEPA, Dumishka Subasinghe.

He points out that a large cost has incurred already after having to use other foods as poultry feed.

In order to sell eggs without loss, the wholesale price of an egg should be increased to Rs. 20, he adds.

At the present, the retail price of an egg is 23 rupees.

Meanwhile, market sources say that the price of chicken too, is also on the rise due to the shortage of poultry feed.