Aug 01, 2020

3 billion relief granted for CEB consumers Featured

The state-owned power supplier, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has decided to provide Rs. 3 billion relief to the electricity consumers.

There have been various complaints from the public regarding the electricity bills for March, April and May, when the curfew was imposed due to the COVID- 19 epidemic.

Accordingly, Minister of Power and Energy Mahinda Amaraweera submitted a memorandum to the Cabinet stating that relief should be provided to electricity consumers for those three months.

The Minister said that since the government had instructed the public to stay at home during the curfew, the government should bear the cost as the people who stayed at home had consumed more electricity.

Accordingly, the Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Energy has been instructed by the decision taken by the Cabinet of Ministers on 23 July 2020 after considering the Cabinet Memorandum submitted by the Minister to direct the authorities of the Ceylon Electricity Board to take immediate action to provide relief to the electricity consumers as proposed.

Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Chairman Vijitha Herath stated at a media briefing today (30) that steps have been taken to provide relief to all electricity consumers from March to May in accordance with the Cabinet Memorandum of the Minister of Power and Energy.
Although the CEB was expected to incur an estimated loss of Rs. 93 billion by the end of 2020, the loss amounted to Rs. 63 billion due to the positive measures taken by the government, according to the official.

Due to the special tax imposed on the falling fuel prices in the world market, the government has paid Rs. 48 billion of the dues CEB owed to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

Therefore, CEB has decided to provide another Rs. 3 billion relief to 6.7 million electricity consumers in Sri Lanka.

As mentioned earlier, the consumers can pay the amount of electricity bills for the months of March, April and May according to the amount in the bill for February or to the minimum of the bills if the March bill is lower than the February bill. If a person has already paid the bills in accordance with the bills issued for the aforesaid three months, steps will be taken to return the balance or to deduct from future bills, the official said.

- Colombo Page