Aug 14, 2020

Rs. 30 million car for SLT Group CEO! Featured

In a backdrop where importation of motor vehicles is suspended, SriLanka Telecom (SLT) has taken steps to purchase a car on behalf of its Group CEO at a cost of around Rs. 30 million, internal sources say.

It is said that quotations had been called to buy it from a private car importer.

Lalith Seneviratne, who holds an Engineering degree, was appointed as the CEO of the Telecom Group after the present government came to power. He is also a Director Board member of the SLT.

Trade unions have objected to this purchase which is done despite a Montero vehicle and a Prado vehicle already being reserved by the company for travel purposes of its Director Board members.

SLT has nine directors, four of whom are from Malaysians. The remaining five are Sri Lankans.

According to SLT sources, one of the four Malaysian directors has already and a replacement is yet to be named. Also, the remaining four foreign directors have not arrived in Sri Lanka in six months.

Meanwhile, it is reported that SLT is facing a foreign debt burden of around Rs. 70 billion.

It is said that Lalith, who is currently over 65 years of age, has been appointed to the board of directors without the recommendation of the expert committee appointed by President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to appoint the chairman and directors.

It is also learnt that the company had previously set up an office for him at a a huge cost.