Sep 04, 2020

Granite ban irrelevant for 5 companies! Featured

It is reported that five companies have imported several stocks of granite despite the government imposing an import ban.

It is said that these were imported citing special needs.

According to the 'Ravaya' newspaper, one of these companies is Free Lanka Granite Pvt. Ltd. which is owned by Mr. Jeffrey Aloysius.

However, when contacted by 'Sri Lanka Mirror' over the phone to verify this report, we were told that information could not be provided via phone call and to send an e-mail with regard to the matter.

When contacting chairman of the Consumer Rights Protection Organization - Ranjith Vithanage, he said that around 20 containers of granite had been imported to Sri Lanka despite the ban and 07 more were on the way.

In a backdrop where even vehicle imports were halted, importing  non-essential granite in this shady manner is not acceptable at all, he added.

Meanwhile, secretary to the ministry of Industries - Chulananda Perera has told 'Ravaya' that he is unaware of this as it has been just several days since he assumed duties in the post.  Wimal Weerawansa is currently working as the the Minister of Industries.