Sep 07, 2020

Thilakawardhana stops readymade garment imports Featured

Mr. Lalith Prasanna, a manager at Thilakawardhana Textiles, says that his company is in favor of banning readymade garment imports.

He was speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror' when inquired as to whether the ban on the import of readymade garments had hampered the company's trade.

He pointed out that there was no major issue adding that even before the ban existed, fashion designs were sought out online before being given an order to a garment factory in China, India, Singapore or Dubai to produce the clothing.

Noting that a demand has arisen for garments from local factories, Mr. Prasanna said that since there is no obstacle to import textiles at the moment, textiles will be imported to manufacture garments locally.

He added that prices will not go up despite the import ban. However, he noted that the array of fashion styles have now become limited.

He further said that searching for foreign made garments was a  psychological issue of consumers.

However, a shortage of baby items such as children's beds and prams has occured due to the ban, he said.

Producing such items locally would take time and therefore, these issues would be resolved over time, he added.